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Assignment DropBoxes - Knowing What You Can Do.

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Post from March 9, 2018

Usually #assignment is an activity completed offline, outside of #Moodle. When the student completes an assignment, they either upload a file for the instructor's review or reports to the instructor in some other way that it is ready for grading. Assignment #DropBox allows students to deliver assignment file(s) to instructor through #Moodle LMS or notify them about completion.

There are number of purposes Assignment Drop Boxes can be used for. Some of them described below. Students can submit any digital content (files), including, for example, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio and video clips. Assignments don't necessarily have to consist of file uploads. Alternatively, teachers can ask students to type directly into a text field (as example, provide a link to their online work) in Moodle or they can ask student to do both, upload a file or files and type text directly into Moodle. An assignment activity can also be set up to not accept any student submissions and serve as a reminder to students of a 'real-world' assignment they need to complete and to record grades in Moodle for activities that don't have an online component or a submission.

Assignment DropBoxes is the most common Moodle activity that is used by instructors to assess students work that can be compiled into the files. One of the most common uses of Assignment DropBoxes is submission of papers that are using specific guidelines, such as APA, as it allows documents to keep the original structure of the document and formatting. The one of few limitations of Assignment Drop Boxes is a file size that can be uploaded to Moodle. Current Moodle (v2.6, 2018 allowance) maximum allowed size for upload is 750MB; when it might be enough for text files it could be a problem for video files and some of the big presentation files.

Assignment DropBoxes can be also used for non-knowledge-assessment purpose. For example you can set up drop boxes for the submission of the prerequisite documents for certain activities; such as: consent forms (that will allow students to see clients), copies of licenses, practicum hours signed by preceptors, etc.

Assignment DropBoxes is a convenient way to deliver files to instructors and students in process of submission and returning feedback. It will also allow you to keep a record of submissions. Although it is convenient way, it does not contribute to increase or decrease of workload.

If student accidentally submitted assignment for your review you can return it back for re-submission using 'Revert to Draft' button. This situation is a regular occurrence in the online courses.

Another important setting in the assignments will allow you to manage Grade Books for #MasteryLearning submissions (when papers can be resubmitted and regraded more than once). Your Assignment DropBox will need to be set up to allow 'Reopening' of submission. It will save previous submission, feedback and a grade for the record.

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