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Authentic Assessment

#Assessment of knowledge is a necessary part of formal education. There are many traditional ways to assess what students learned: tests, quizzes, essays, etc. How does #AuthenticAssessment is different from traditional assessment?

Authentic assessment often mimics the "real-world" relevant experiences. It usually completed over period of time, and helps demonstrate application of critical thinking and analysis to the acquired knowledge.

It takes time to develop authentic assessments, however they are rewarding to both students and teachers. While creating authentic assessment try to break them down into smaller steps to help guide students through the process; although, you must have clear expectations and evaluation defined - leave space for creativity; cater to students' interests; and provide relevancy and "real-world".

Find some examples of the authentic assessment in higher education below:

  • Reflective writing (blogs or journals)

  • Debates/interviews/roleplaying

  • Trial and Error learning (experiments, error analysis, design an experiment)

  • Research (literature review, writing journal article, research participation)

  • Staying current with research (new developements)

  • Peer-reviewes/peer-editing/critiques

  • Creating webpages (private business/practice/counsulting/resume/e-portfolio)

  • Marketing

  • Policy development/policy research

  • Case studies/problem solving

  • Program (initiative, services) development

  • Issue awareness campaigns

  • Group Projects (leading, managing, supervising, evaluating, reflecting)

  • Project planning

  • Self-care

  • Ethics

  • Advocacy, lobbying, social change

  • Digital literacy (web and social media)

  • Producing meaningful reports

  • Risk assessment

  • Creating presentations (webinars, podcasts, video presentations, posters)

  • Games

  • Writing letters, obituaries, speeches, brochures, pamphlets, autobiography

Be creative :)

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