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Word Clouds - Visualization of Key Terms

Originally posted September 19, 2014 (Revised March 4, 2018)

We all know that our brain is stimulated in many different ways, some may agree, some disagree. The fact is that there is something about providing students different sources of information is benefiting their learning.

Couple of years ago I had a chance to spend time reviewing #WorldClouds. It is playful, visual representation of information and could be used in any courses, forum posts, blogs, and presentations. It can be used to help digest information not just by children but by learning adults as well. Than, in 2014, I chose #Wordaizer software for the review. It still exists (March 2018) and can be downloaded from website for free. The word cloud is easily modifiable (form of cloud, font, size, list of words) but it has some learning curve to get into it. The first image is the result of me spending about 10 minutes of my time playing with it, back in 2014, I bet I could of done better.

Since than many other online #tools appeared. The second image has been created by And it took me less than 10 minutes to create. The word of caution: you will have to create an extensive list of words if you want it to look 'full' and professional, as well as apply weight to them. This website offers some option on shapes, color and fonts.

There are other sites that are easy to use and produce excellent results:,, . Once you have a comprehensive list it will be easy to spruce up look of your courses.

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