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Verbs - Helping you to Write Learning Outcomes

Post from March 10, 2018

I know that many of us sometimes struggle with finding the correct word, or don't want to repeat many times the same word while writing #LearningOutcomes.

I think that the collection of #verbs that I collected over the years will help you with ease find the one to fulfill your purpose.

Remember to always start from:

"After completion of this course/lesson/unit/readings/learning activities/exercise you will be able to:"

KNOWLEDGE recall, identify, recognize, acquire, distinguish, define, name, relate, reproduce, describe  COMPREHENSION translate, extrapolate, convert, interpret, abstract, transform, classify, describe, discuss, explain, express, associate, translate, review, locate, recognize, report  APPLICATION apply, sequence, carry out, solve, prepare, operate, generalize, plan,  explain, choose, demonstrate, illustrate, practice, use, complete, show, examine, modify, relate, change, experiment, discover

ANALYSIS analyze, appraise, categorize, criticize, estimate, compare, observe, detect, classify, discover, discriminate, identify, explore, distinguish, catalog, investigate, breakdown, order, recognize, determine, differentiate, examine, experiment, question, test, separate, connect, classify,   SYNTHESIS assemble, compose, develop, write, plan, integrate, formulate, propose, specify, produce, organize, theorize, design, build, systematize, manage, prepare, propose, generalize

EVALUATION argue, evaluate, verify, assess, test, judge, rank, measure, appraise, select, check, defend, predict, rate, support, recommend, conclude, compare, summarize

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